Committed Collection Attorney

The American economy depends upon credit, for consumer goods and services as well as for business ventures. In many ways, credit is a tool that makes business stronger and life more comfortable for all of us.

Unfortunately, this system works only as long as debtors pay back what they have borrowed.

When debtors won't pay back the money they owe your company, you need the help of an experienced collections lawyer who knows the strategies that will work best in your circumstances.

Boutique Collections Law Firm

L.J. Frank, P.C., is a boutique law firm that represents creditors in collections matters. We represent businesses, educational institutions and other types of clients in cases involving a variety of issues, including:

  • Commercial collections
  • Equipment leasing
  • Goods sold and delivered
  • Factory supply contracts
  • Student loans
  • Bankruptcy

We practice the "talk softly, but carry a big stick" approach to debt collection. We don't yell and scream or pound the table. We listen to debtors and try to reason with them in an effort to work toward an amicable solution. If that doesn't work, we use the full power of the law to help our clients get their money back.

Our work on behalf of our clients doesn't end with a court judgment. By itself, a judgment is just a piece of paper. That's why, when necessary, we help secure garnishment of wages or other means of recovering outstanding debt on behalf of our clients.

25 Years Of Experience

Our firm was founded by attorney Lori J. Frank in 1996 for the purpose of practicing collections law. A former supervisor at a credit company, Ms. Frank grew to understand the importance of collections and the need for skilled collections attorneys.

As an attorney, she is hands-on, committed to our clients and dedicated to resolving each case.

For more information about Ms. Frank and our firm, follow the link below:

The law office of L.J. Frank, P.C., is in Southfield, Michigan, and we represent clients from throughout the United States. We collect from debtors in Michigan and beyond.

For experienced, dedicated legal representation in collections, call L.J. Frank, P.C., at 877-837-5685. You can also contact us by email.