Before you enter into a business relationship don't just sign the contract. Let LJ Frank PC draft or review the proposal to make sure what you agreed to is what is in the agreement. Remember an ounce of prevention can SAVE you thousands of dollars.

A well written contract makes it much easier to convince a judge that you should win. We maximize your chances of winning in court by taking a look at your contract and making suggestions for additions, deletions, or other changes.

LJ Frank is a former board member of the Commercial Law League of America and the Michigan Creditors Rights Bar Association. The firm has the capacity to forward cases throughout the United States and domesticate judgments in Michigan.


LJ Frank PC is an active former Officer of the Commercial Law League of America. We have contacts in almost every state and can help you find an attorney! We accept claims from across the globe.


We understand the delicate balance between the competition for sales and the need to get paid for that sale. We know that your salespeople do not want to "lawyer up". Remember memories fade and can differ, salespeople and mangers leave but the paperwork that sales generated stays. We can draft a contract that is in plain English that can help you maximize recovery on that receivable. Let us help you by hiring us to review and strengthen your paperwork. Remember the expression"penny wise and pound foolish." Contact us today!