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Why You Need A Lawyer For Collections

A lawyer who specializes in collections can get you on the fast track to collect your money efficiently and effectively by using the power of the court for YOU!

How much time does it take?

In Michigan from the time a lawsuit is filed until a judgment is entered is approximately 90 days.

What does are the court costs?

The court costs to file suit and get to the money ranges from $200 to $500 depending on the size and nature of the case.

What does your firm charge?

Each case is different. We work with you to develop a fee structure that makes sense. We can charge on an hourly basis, flat fee or contingency fee (which means we do not get a fee unless you get paid). The client is always responsible for the costs.

I have a judgment, now what?

Turning judgments into money often begins the hard work. Michigan permits the garnishment of wages, financial institutions and Michigan Income Tax refunds! Michigan also permits execution on personal property such as cars.

While no one can guarantee that you will get paid, you can rest easier knowing someone is using the law to work for you.

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